Kenya Endebess Estate - Single Origin

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Kenya Endebess Estate - Single Origin

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Endebess is a small town that houses the headquarters for the division in Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya. The town is located 17 kilometers west of Kitale, the location of the county headquarters.

This specialty graded Arabica is a natural process coffee, meaning it is sun-dried on raised beds with the fruit (cherry) on. Some fermentation is inevitable during the drying process can take 2-7 weeks to achieve the desired result. This coffee from Kenya is a brilliant example of the natural process.


Tasting Notes
  • Subtle boozy orange fruits throughout. Full coating mouthfeel with rounded stonefruit and purple grape acidity.
  • Creamy milk chocolate, almond and vanilla to finish.
Best Brew Methods
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Espresso / Plunger / Stovetop / Filter / Aeropress / Turkish
$18.00 AUD