Four Rascals is a small batch coffee roaster with a clear focus on quality, consistency and our customers. We choose to roast in small batches as it allows us to handle each batch with care and precision, giving us the ability to monitor and guarantee our coffees.  


We use fluid-bed Air Roasters as opposed to drum roasters. A traditional drum roaster heats a drum and then transfers heat from drum to bean in an exothermic reaction. Air Roasters use hot air to roast the coffee, not the surface of the roaster. Heat is transferred to the bean with hot clean air in an endothermic reaction, removing any smoky or burnt flavours that can be produced during the drum roasting process, giving our coffees a cleaner, smoother finish. People like to say with Air Roasters you taste the coffee, not the roaster. 


We pride ourselves on being a hands-on company, and the original Rascals are still involved in all aspects of the business.