Peru CAFE FEMENINO® Organic - Single Origin

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Peru CAFE FEMENINO® Organic - Single Origin

$16.00 AUD

Cafe FEMENINO® was co-founded in 2003 by Peruvian women farmers to create a gender-focused program to support social justice and empowerment for women. The project gave the women leadership in their coopertives and financial control of their produce, directly impacting positive cultural changes in their communities.

Cafe FEMENINO® now expanded to also includes cooperatives in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Sumatra.

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Tasting Notes
  • Sweet cup with red apple and berry acidity. Medium silky smooth body.
  • Milk chocolate and toffee aftertaste.
Best Brew Methods
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Espresso / Plunger / Stovetop / Filter / Aeropress / Turkish
$16.00 AUD