El Salvador Finca Monte Sión RFA

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El Salvador Finca Monte Sión RFA

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This coffee from El Salvador is of the Arabica-Bourbon variety, shade grown under a biodiversity friendly canopy in the “Cordillera de Apaneca” mountain range in the Western Region of El Salvador, recognized for producing fine coffees, and is certified Rainforest Alliance.

Café Monte Sión is a three-generation family owned business established in 1907. Aware of the environmental degradation and social problems that their country faces, they are committed to the preservation of the environment and the welfare of their workers through sustainable agriculture.


Tasting Notes
  • Dark inky cup with notes of toffee, leather, spice and dark chocolate.
  • Rounded grapefruit and orange acidity gives way to a long bittersweet toffee finish.
Best Brew Methods
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Espresso / Plunger / Stovetop / Filter / Aeropress / Turkish
$16.00 AUD