Colombia Excelso CAFE MUJERES ASMUCAES- Single Origin

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Colombia Excelso CAFE MUJERES ASMUCAES- Single Origin

$16.00 AUD

This Excelso grade Colombian coffee is produced by ASMUCAES, an association of Women coffee producers working with the aim of producing high quality coffees to support their families and improve their quality of life.

ASMUCAES have improved the quality of coffees through innovative processors, delivering outstanding profiles with caramel, citric, red fruits, chocolate notes, and creamy body.

This Single Origin is produced in collaboration with the esteemed coffee producers Cafe Granja la Esperanza.


Tasting Notes
  • Nectarine and almonds give way to sweet caramel notes. Crisp stonefruit and blackcurrant acidity.
  • Lingering malt and caramel finish.
Best Brew Methods
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Espresso / Plunger / Stovetop / Filter / Aeropress / Turkish
$16.00 AUD