Four Rascals Coffee

Armed with a workshop, a roaster, and a DIY mentality, four mates came together to create four rascals coffee.

They figured they could break the whole coffee roasting thing down to three easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Don't blow up the roaster.
  2. Don't strangle each other.
  3. Make awesome coffee.

What we Offer

Our Blends


"Four Rascals by name, Four Rascals by nature. The cheekiness of these guys is a significant characteristic."

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"Coffee is roasted in Melbourne by Cheong's sister at Four Rascals Coffee."

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"Kick starting the day with a superb Little Terror coffee from Four Rascals."

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"An excellent showcase of beans from some of the best roasters about town, including Four Rascals Rapscillion."

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